converting of abrasives

We have our own manufacturing facility located in Blonie near Wroclaw (Poland). This allows us to adapt to the individual needs of customers by performing products under specific order and quickly realize them.


We work on the lates technology devices with very high precision. First of all we specialize in the production of abrasives, especially endless belts. As a 3M's converter we offer wide range of Trizact™, Scotch-Brite™ and Cubitron™ products like abrasive belts, velcro discs, roloc discs, XL-UW discs. 

We also have our own brand GREBEN®, our top products are: Rubber Slotted Expander Wheels, Quick change discs, Compressed non-woven discs, Ceramic abrasive belts for inox and for wooden floors. Our manufactured materials are always high quality.


1.Rotary cutting

In view of the fact that customer's satisfaction is our top priority, we try to be as flexible as possible, so we also cut the tape to any width. 

The maximum width of the role of material: 1600 mm

The minimum width of the role of material: 2 mm

The maximum diameter of the role of the material: 300 mm

Maximum weight of Log Lands: 80 kg

2. Die-Cutting and Kiss-Cutting

We equaly can cut multiple forms from adhesive tapes. We can perform die-cut and kiss-cut in order to make the tape an usable component of manufacturer.

3. Other processes - laminating, perforating etc...

In order to see what else can we do, please see our page dedicated strictly to tapes converting.

The range of products that can be cut by machine, is unlimited and a general outline includes:

Foam tapes, adhesive tapes, double sided tapes, masking tapes, technical tapes, aluminum tapes, medical tapes, gum tapes, PVC electrical insulating tape, non-wovens.


We invite you to cooperation.

Do you have more questions, please contact us:

Rubczaka 13, 54-002 Wroclaw
Phone: 0048 601 976 910

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