vinyl tapes 3M


Wherever you need a color to highlight the place or mark the item, will be applied unilaterally adhesive vinyl tape - easy to use, strong and durable.


-media from vinyl - ease of shaping, abrasion resistance
-rubber adhesive - tape can be stuck to most of the materials and, if necessary, removed without -leaving traces of glue
-Temperature resistance - to 75 ° C.
-resistance to chemicals - can be used as a masking tape with galvanization
-wide range of colors - all the colors necessary for marking, identification and decoration
-accurate color separation line while painting
-the use of permanent or temporary

Examples of use:

Determination of character strings that communication

-marking emergency exits
-marking of hazardous areas
-Distinction location protection equipment
-masking the galvanization and painting
-labeling and identification of objects
-labeling of storage systems
-marking of surgical tools

We can provide customised widiths of vinyl tapes.

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