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Compared with traditional sealing compounds, the 4412N is much easier to use. Its immediate adhesion and no need to clean the surface around the joint shorten the assembly time and thus simplify the production process. After pressing firmly, the new 3M product creates a watertight barrier and adapts to the contours and edges as well as the protruding heads of rivets or screws. The tape can be used on metal surfaces (also painted) or made of plastics. It is also resistant to abrasion, sun, rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

The elasticity of the Extreme Sealing Tape 4412N tape allows you to compensate for the movement of connected elements, which means that even after many years the tape is not cracked and does not peel off the edge. The 3M product can be successfully used in sealing connections of riveted, bolted or welded roofs of vehicles (trucks, vans, specialized vehicles), metal boxes and containers, as well as roofing and skylights.

We provide customised dimmensions and shapes of adhesive tapes.

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