A strong connection that allows multiple connection. The ideal solution for fixing often dismantled elements: inspection door, hatches, panels. You do not need tools to mount the turnip, you do not need to drill holes, there are no problems with corrosion.


3M ™ Dual Lock ™ Industrial Velcro

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After crimping the 3M Dual Lock Industrial Velcro, several hundreds of "mushroom" hooks engage. A "click" sound means that the connection is blocked. Excellent tensile strength is obtained, so that many unsightly mechanical connections can be replaced. In addition, this design allows you to open and close the Dual Lock Velcro hundreds of times.

Some features of mushroom-shaped 3M ™ fastener:

resistant to UV

resistant to moisture

resistant to solvents

excellent tensile strength

allows multiple connection

does not cause bending

suppresses noise and vibrations

Velcro without adhesive layer can be sewn, stapled or tied with ultrasound

Velcro with adhesive layer allows binding at temperatures from -29 ° C to 93 ° C

it can combine different surfaces

it can be used for mounting on many species of rigid or flexible surfaces

available in black or transparent

simplifies the construction of components

3M ™ Scotchmate ™ Industrial fastener:

hook and loop fastener 3M distributor Poland

Clamping. Detachment. Is not that easy? When your product requires thousands of repetitions of opening and closing operations, Industrial Velcro Scotchmate is the ideal solution.
Small, rigid hooks engage with flexible loops, which allows fast fixing and allows you to shorten working time and reduce costs.

Selected features of 3M ™ hook-and-loop fasteners:

available in flame-retardant / UV-resistant version

adhesives resistant to plasticizers for joining most vinyl materials,

self-adhesive or sewn-on

different types of adhesive layer

resistant to high and low temperatures

resistant to most solvents and alkaline solutions

resistant to moisture

If You need a custom size or shape of fastener, contact us! For many years we have been a converter of 3M ™ materials. This means that we not only sell 3M ™ finished products, but also cut,laminate them with other materials, so that new custom tools are created. KONPORT has a specially selected machinery park and a production hall in Poland.

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