double sided foam tapes


Structured, rough materials - 3M ™ double-sided adhesive tapes are used for such surfaces. They are perfect for mounting mirrors in furniture, sticking tablets, markings, posters, attaching price strips to store shelves, producing POS materials, gluing side blinds to the window frame.

Tapes fill uneven surfaces and distribute stresses evenly over the entire surface of the joint. In many cases, the tape, in addition to connecting elements, also has the function of sealing.

The 3M offer also includes removable foam tapes, with a special adhesive formula, which gives the possibility of clean removal of the fixed element.

Depending on the requirements, a tape with a rubber or acrylic adhesive, with a polyurethane, polyethylene, vinyl or acrylic carrier is available.

Saint-Gobain Norseal®foam tape

saint gobain double sided tape

Basic foam tape for many applications such as:

- sticking mirrors, placards, signs, posters;

- sticking price strips to store shelves;

- promotional sets - gluing two packages;

- production of stands, POS materials.

Thickness: 1mm

Adhesive: acrylic / rubber

Temperature resistance: -40 to 50 ° C or -40 to 70 ° C

Coil: 50m

Roll width: 5mm-1000mm

We offer converting services such as rotary cutting, lamination, die-cutting, kiss-cutting etc...

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