3m vhb tapes


3M ™ VHB ™ acrylic tapes combine extraordinary strength and versatility. Thanks to the use of VHB ™ RP tapes, your product can be more durable and aesthetic. VHB ™ RP tape helps reduce production costs - the process becomes faster and more efficient.

Recommended use of 3M ™ VHB ™:

The VHB ™ RP tape perfectly combines:

glass, metal, plastics, composites, wooden elements and many other materials.

Examples of tape applications:

1. Gluing the panel with the frame.

gluing a panel with a frame

3M ™ VHB ™ tapes are very resistant to shocks and dynamic load while lowering the element's weight and improving aesthetics.

2. Bonding of stiffening elements

The ability to create elements of any shape and exceptional resistance to vibrations and corrosion.

3. Gluing the window to the housing

sticking a panel

Safe sealing of various materials while increasing the efficiency and design possibilities of innovative shapes.

4. Fastening decorative elements

fastening decorative elements

Providing higher product functionality due to a wider range of possibilities at the production and design stages.

The offer includes: 3M 4941, 3M 5952, 3M 5906, 3M 5907, 3M 5915, 3M RP16, 3M RP25, 3M RP32, 3M 4926, 3M 4936, 3M 4941, 3M 4919, 3M 4910 and others.


If you are looking for a product and a non-standard shape or dimensions, you've come to the right place. KONPORT is not only a distributor, but also a 3M ™ converter. This means that we not only sell 3M ™ core products, but also process them. We have specially adapted equipment and a production hall for this purpose. We have been offering 3M ™ products to customers for 20 years. If you have technical or business questions - please contact us, we will be happy to advise you or we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

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