Suitable for bonding various materials


Using the EPX system can be glued metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and elastomers. EPX Adhesive is solvent, freezes in the cold and provides a secure bond in the range of -55 to +80 degrees C.

Frugal adhesive system

The adhesive system of the dispenser nozzle EPX adhesive from the mixing of two chambers. Glue guns can be manual or pneumatic. EPX provides accurate and cost effective epoxy glue. Reduces time bonding and increases the efficiency of production.

Wide range of applications

EPX adhesive system allows for quick and efficient bonding of the maintenances, repairs in the ceramic and glass, plastics machining, in engineering and metallurgy. Electrical properties of the adhesive are such that it is suitable for use in electrical and electronic industries.


-unique high strength.
-quick and clean bonding, short preparation time.
-mixing the components in equal amounts, the absence of air, which provides good quality of adhesive
-special nozzle aperture provides the ability to spot or strip glue
there is no aging
-a simple system of work

Gun adhesive performs three tasks simultaneously, which not only facilitates the work, but also provides highly accurate bonding. Gun precisely mixes and dispenses components and finished adhesive is applied to the surface of the workpiece.

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