3M Industrial Adhesives are well known and appreciated by their users, companies in most manufacturing industries. Modern industrial recipient requires its suppliers not only deliver products that meet the highest standards, but also offering up an extensive offer. Following the needs of customers, 3M introduced to offer a one-sealing adhesives and sealants. This allows us to offer a comprehensive bonding technologies for use in the manufacture and repair of vehicles and boats.

New products are:

- Polyurethane sealants - are economical, provide a flexible joint and high strength.
- Sealers hybrid - with a low content of harmful substances, high durability and resistance to UV radiation.
- Sealing Adhesives and sealants for the manufacture of vehicles

Polyurethane and Hybrid Sealants 3M are designed for use in the production, adaptation and repair of buses, chassis, container, cars, caravans and motorhomes, trucks and special vehicles:

- sealing and connecting elements of building vehicles.
- sealing panels mechanically mounted (screws, rivets) or, for example VHB Tape
- sealing connections bocznychi roof panels (internal and external),
- Glue the roof and side panels (internal and external)
- gluing and sealing floors,
- Paste window

Sealing Adhesives and sealants for the manufacture and maintenance of yachts and boats

Polyurethane and hybrid sealants manufacturers 3M sailboats and motorboats as well as for hobbyists and enthusiasts, for whom sailing is a second home:

- grouting teak decks
- gluing teak deck to the substrate
- pasting windows
- attaching the upper deck to the hull of the main
- sealing fittings onboard equipment (above and below the line of immersion)
- paste onboard equipment

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