Reactive polyurethane adhesives 3M ™ Scotch-Weld ™ (PUR) and adapted to their manual applicators increase the production capacity of each company.

This simple system combines the advantages of conventional hot melt adhesives (the call rate) and high performance obtained using the two-component structural adhesives. A high joint strength is obtained by the reaction of the adhesive with moisture in the bonded materials and the environment.

- Speed ​​- initial strength - Handling obtained after 30 seconds (for glue TE-030), reduces the time pressure and accelerate production.
- The structural strength of the connection - as early as 10 minutes after application of the adhesive joint is stronger than those made using conventional hot melt adhesives, or PVA.
- Simplification of the production process - component adhesive - requires no mixing. Adhesives do not react with plastics.