3M ™ Electric grinder

Faster time to complete the task, better productivity. New Angle Grinder 3M ™ is designed to work with abrasives and 3M ™ accessories. Powerful motor provides sufficient force during grinding and deburring finish and ergonomic handle reduces ibration and improves comfort.

3M ™ Electric Polisher

Friendly design, convenient operation. New electric polisher 3M ™ has been designed to work with the polishing, washers and accessories 3M ™. It is the best choice due to its innovative design, which keeps the pad. The impressive power-to-weight ratio makes the work is enjoyable and efficient.

\3M ™ Electric Sander

The compact size, ease of use and reliable engine - these are just some of the advantages of the new orbital sander from 3M ™. One of the main innovations is to reduce the size of the electric sander pneumatic sander. For the user this means ease of handling and use.

More information:

Łukasz Rosinski - Manager of Department
phone: + 48 665 865 150