The key technologies in the field of membrane filtration is, depth filters, pleated filters, filters with the possibility of flushing and self-cleaning filters, and the filter housing and special filtration systems. Powyrzsze technologies can be assigned to specific market segments. They are: HealthCare (Health Care), Fluid Process (Industrial Process Fluids) and WaterGroup (Water Filtration). In the field of Industrial process fluid contains applications for consumer electronics and semiconductors, chemical and petrochemical industry, production of paints and varnishes, energetki and for general industry. Applications for market pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and for food and beverage industry belong to the Department of Health Care (Health Care). Department of Water Filtration offers solutions for home, catering services, and tourism and recreation.

Industrial Process Fluids (Fluid Process)

Department of Industrial process fluids provide solutions related to Fitration and separation for a wide range of users in the manufacturing industry and manufacturing. Regardless of whether it is a clarification of process water filtration classifying fine-particulate pigment ink or permanent removal of impurities from natural gas, in its offer products, which meet your requirements, these include: DuoFLO ®, PolyKlean ®, MicroKlean ® , PetroKleanTM, TM BetaPure ®, CTG-KleanTM, High Flow 3M.

Examples of applications in the industrial market process fluids

Consumer electronics and semiconductors:

Production of ultrapure water Production of liquid crystal panels
PCB Manufacturing Production CRT tube
Production CD Production of ceramic capacitors

Chemical and Petrochemical Market:

Acids, alkalis, organic solvents, catalysts, monomers, polymers, and substrates for the production
Products based on crude oil including gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oils and other oils
Drinking water, process water, water for boilers, water demineralization, fi ltration before reverse osmosis and wastewater

Petroleum products and gas:

Purification of amine Dehydration dryer
Dehydration glycol Compressor oil filtration systems
Compressor oil filtration systems Boiler feed water
lubricating oil Separation inlet
Fuel and gas instrumental Filtration products ready

Manufacture of paints and varnishes:

Paint coatings automotive industry industrial Coatings
High quality paints and materials Finishing Inks
Paint applied electrostatically Resin

General Industry:

Machine Coolants Washing parts in the process of post-production
Oils and lubricants Manufacture of paper
hydraulic fluids Pickling
Dielectric oils, oils and lubricants for turbines and generators

Health Care

With the combination of advanced systems design and in-depth understanding of the requirements posed in the pharmaceutical market, bioprocesses and biotechnology, we offer a wide range of solutions dedicated to specific applications, whose effects often exceed customer expectations. Products offered to the healthcare market is among others Zeta Plus ®, BioASSURE ®, ZetaCarbon ®, Microfluor ® 3M.

Application for Health Care Market


Sterile filtration of biological substances Culture of bacteria and fermentation
Securing the chromatographic columns Plasma Fractionation
Removal of DNA and endotoxin Purification of proteins
Purification of serum diagnostic reagents and buffers Fermentation
Filtration of components chemicals, filtration systems, process fluids, auxiliary systems

BIO preparations:

Clarification lifts toxoids vaccine production Filtration extracts of allergens

Pharmaceutical preparations:

Reduction of bacterial endotoxins using the filter medium of immobilized charge Filtration and solvent
Filtration of oral drugs (offered without a prescription)
Deep ultra-pure water filtration (deionized water systems or water for injection) Sterile filtration of air (ventilation tanks)

Food & Beverage Market

We deliver innovative and cost effective solutions in the field of filtration and separation for difficult applications in the food and beverage. Spacers filters for depth filtration Zeta Plus ®, Zeta Plus ® cartridges, capsules and filter inserts provide a wide range of developments and improvements in relation to the high costly manual filter presses. In its offer extremely durable nylon microporous membrane, which can withstand repeated sterilization cycle with hot water (which is standard practice in the food and beverage). The membrane used in the line of filter cartridges BevASSURE provides microbiological stability of liquid and eliminates the need for pasteurization. 3M ™ has extended the offer by adding this line polieterosulfonowych full range of membranes (PES).

Applications for Food & Beverage Market

Beer and brewing:


Cleaning Clarification
Aseptic packaging Depth Filtration
Filtration Protective Membrane Filtration

Bottled Water:

Alcoholic beverages:

Sludge Removal and Dust Ignition Degreasing
Initial and final membrane filtration Polishing and bottling
Decolourisation and odor removal

Processing water and preservatives.

Water filtration

We offer a wide range of filters for water purification systems as well as intended for the food, for the home and for manufacturers of hardware appliances. Based on long-term cooperation with customers, high quality 3M water filters are widely used in many devices used in the catering industry. Filters used for hot and cold drinks, the express maker, water dispensers and ice setts zapeweniają highest quality flavor prepared beverages and enhance performance and long lasting use the equipment. We also offer reverse osmosis system which is the most effective solution for ovens and evaporators. By preventing the formation of stone, this system is a guarantee of operation at the expected level. The offer for the house is a home water treatment systems, water softeners and filters to improve the quality of drinking water to be mounted under the kitchen sink.

Examples of applications in water filtration market

Food & beverage:

For your home:

Equipment manufacturers:

Vending machines Filters for under sinks Manufacturers Cooling
Soft drinks Water softener Manufacturers of water dispensers
Cubes Filters for caravan
Coffee Maker
Reduction of stone
Drinking water