3M essential technologies in the field of membrane filtration, depth filters, pleated filters, filters with the possibility of washing, bag filters and self-cleaning filters. With such a diversity of products we are able to filter most liquids and gases used in all possible industries.

Most filters has been tested by 3M Food and Drug Agency (FDA called), this means that they can be used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. More detailed descriptions of the various types of filters you will find when you choose interesting model from the menu on the left.


3M offers its business partners a global technical support. SASS (Scientific Applications Support Services) scientists and highly qualified engineers who act as a link between clients and the research and development department.

Specialists in conducting tests in a laboratory and transferring the results of these tests to full scale industrial meet the demands and needs of clients on a wide market filtration. When a new issue process, a team of technical and scientific support identifies the correct solutions using a wide range of existing filtration products 3M. With the support SASS engineers are also able to identify the problem and find a solution through the implementation of rapid tests on a laboratory scale.

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Candle filter cartridges and filter capsule Betapure establish the standard in performance filtration processes. These filters as compared to competitive filters on the market, have a wider range of gradations to ensure absolute filtration. Controlled pore size filter media filters Betapure provides excellent separation between the outbreaks that achieve the most accurate filtering for specific the accuracy of filtration.

Patented filter Betapure provides:

Precise removal of contaminants

Stable quality of the filtrate

longer life

Betapure filters are available in 18 different gradations, which provides absolute filtration in the range from 2 to 190 microns allowing you to adjust the level of separation, so you can achieve the desired quality of the filtrate without the need for contributions of too small diameter cut-off, which in turn affects the lower operating costs of the process . The specially developed production process filters Betapure combines advanced control system Output of components, precise control of the manufacturing process and a wide range of a test of the final product. As a result, the product is obtained, which ensures a stable level of filtration for any criminal contribution of sawing party.


Surface coverage - the magnetic carriers, high-quality paint, thin film coating, resins and inks.

Electronic components - filtration before reverse osmosis, aqueous suspensions Abrasives, Abrasive ceramic slurry, mechanical polishing and chemical, manufacturing picture tubes, cleaning disks.

Industry ogolny - desalination, chemical coating, coolant filtration, process water.

Chemical / petrochemical industry - process water, protection systems reverse osmosis filtration amines, high-filtration of chemicals and of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE).

Food and Beverage - bottled water, filtration before reverse osmosis, water with additives, water washing.

The pharmaceutical industry - water, solvents, chemicals, filtration before reverse osmosis, indirect filtration stages in the production of antibiotics.

A critical factor in each of the filtration process is the elimination of all bypass the filter. Patented sealing of polyethylene foam ensures proper sealing when using enclosures using seal cutter.

Features Benefits Benefits
Absolute Filtration Stable and reproducible contaminant removal efficiency Lets meet the quality requirements of the filtrate force in today's market realities, absolute filtration ensures a stable product and ensures high productivity.
The rigid structure Eliminates the bypass filter and a secondary release of the captured contaminants in order to ensure stable filtration from the beginning to the end of the process. The rigid structure of the filtration layer allows the behavior of the solid material, pore diameter, even in an extremely harsh conditions of filtration. Changing conditions of filtration, as fluctuations in the flow, stop and resume the flow or filtration at high pressure on the cartridge will have minimal or no impact on the quality of the final product.
Depth Filtration Outstanding particle removal efficiency improves the quality of the filtrate. Depth filtration helps remove particles deformable general by reducing the need to repeat the process or risk rejection of product quality reasons.
Patented seal type Eliminates bypass by weak or damaged seals. A critical factor in each of the filtration process is the elimination of all bypass the filter. Patented sealing of polyethylene foam ensures proper sealing when using enclosures using seal cutter.
The lower pressure drop Provides long life cartridge by using a smaller filter housings. Minimizing the flow resistance affects a significant reduction in the cost of filtration. Lower pressure drops shall mean a longer life for the cartridge, the filter bandwidth and better allow for the use of a smaller total number of cartridges in order to achieve the same flow rate at a given pressure drop.
Available in the form of standardoych candle and filter capsules Filters appropriately selected for a particular application provide decidedly reduce the cost of filtration, including the purchase and installation costs of disposal of used cartridges. Contributions from a wide range of sizes allows for appropriate selection of the parti throughput for a batch process, and continuous.

Gradations filters

3M ™ uses the so-called multi-parameter characterization (MPC), which in contrast to the one-point evaluation determines the effectiveness of filtering for different diameters of pollution at a time and assess the contribution pyłochłonnosc. Measured parameters include the number of particles, turbidity lowering efficacy and effectiveness of filtration.

Gradation Betapure Filter (polyolefin)


Filtration (μm)


Filtration (μm)





Z13 - 020






Z13 - 030






Z13 - 050






Z11 - 060






Z11 - 070






Z11 - 080






Z11 - 100






Z11 - 120






Z11 - 150






Gradation Betapure Filter (poliester)


Filtration (μm)



















Patented filter system is an advanced solution DuoFLO alternative to standard bag filters. The system consists of a layer of filter with variable porosity, whose filtration area has been increased by 62%.

Compared to the standard felt bag filters, filters DuoFLO characterized by:

extended to four times the working time

outstanding performance over the removal of pollutants

increased allowable fluid flow rate through the filter element

reduced fluid losses associated with frequent exchanges of filter elements (stoppage of production, utilization and labor costs)

Filter DuoFLO in a simple way modifies most of the existing housing bag filters.


Surface-electrodeposition coatings, paints, coatings, dispersions, paper coating agent, adhesives, paints for automotive, industrial paints, printing inks, resins, coatings coils.

Industry propert-washing parts, paper production, cooling water, groundwater, wastewater, hydraulic fluids, wetting liquid, coolant machine, transformer oil.

Chemical acids, chemicals, process water, alcohols, glycols, fuel, recovery of the catalyst, resins, bases, esters, silicones, aerosol products, mineral oils, waxes, solvents.

Petrochemical industry-additives for fuels, glycols, oils, lubricants, distillates, recovery of oils, amines, fuel injected fluids.

Food and Beverage-vegetable oil, syrup, edible oils, beverages, wines, spirits groceries, fruit juices, beer, honey, fructose syrup, syrups, vinegar, liquid sugar, bottled water, gelatin, ready to eat tea, energy drinks.

The pharmaceutical industry-recovery catalyst, extracts of vitamins, chemical components for the production of pharmaceuticals, solutions Public drugs, solvents, active pharmaceuticals, components, removal of carbon, water production systems, liquid eyes, tonics.

The electronics industry-pickle bath, water processing / filtration before reverse osmosis, production of CD / DVD, photochemical substances, solvents, PCB production

Filtration of water-cooling water, process water, water from the glider, groundwater, wastewater, filtration before reverse osmosis.


Betafin XL filter cartridges

Absolute pleated filter cartridges made ​​entirely of polypropylene. Thanks to the advanced technology pleating (Advanced Pleat Technology-APT) useful filtering surface is increased while maintaining the standard dimensions of cartridges. The use of APT technology allows for a significant reduction in the cost of filtration (less frequent filter replacement) while maintaining excellent quality of filtration. XL Betafin filters have two times longer as compared to the effect of filters competitive counterparts.

The material used for the production conforms with the FDA for the application in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry. Available in lengths from 9 ¾ "to 40"
Outside diameter: 66 mm
Absolute filtration accuracy: 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 70 microns
Types of Finish: both sides open or also unilaterally open
Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C
Maximum differential pressure: 4 bar at 25 ° C
Recommended pressure differential when replacing cartridges: 2.6 bar

Typical applications include:

drinking water, process water for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical, electronic
purified water, water for injection, a substrate for the fermentation process
beer, wine, bottled water, juices, soft drinks, syrups
tonics, toilet waters, perfumes
Ultrapure water baths, electroplating, photoresist,
paints, coatings, chemicals
coolant, detergents


Series LifeAssure the whole family filter cartridges and capsules for very fine filtration of both liquids and gases process. In a series of LifeAssure find both the membrane and the contributions made ​​in advanced technology pleating (Advanced Pleat Technology-APT). Contributions LifeAssure provide sterile filtration absolute starting at 0.1 microns, allows it to meet most customer requirements.

Typical applications include:
drinking water, different applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food
beer, wine, bottled water, juices, soft drinks, syrups
pure water,
compressed air in contact with the product, aeration air tanks for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical
air aeration autoclaves, lyophilizers
Air for the purpose of the fermentation process
filtration of nitrogen or other gases used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics.



Paints, varnishes, solvent recovery.

Drinking water.

Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Process water.

Photographic emulsions.

Grinding and polishing suspensions.

Inks and dyes.


Micro filter cartridges - Super Micro Screen – Screen

Flush or pleated filter cartridges are primarily designed for the filtration of liquids with high viscosity, high temperature or corrosive properties.

fine wire cloth stainless steel 316 mesh reinforced the effectiveness of absolute (Type Super Micro - Screen)
filter media with a woven steel wire 316 (Type Micro - Screen)
Available lengths: 248, 496, 744 mm
Outside diameter: 67 mm

3,5,10,15,20 and 40 microns (Type Super Micro - Screen)
45,50,75,100,150,200,280,360,450,700 and 1,000 microns (Type Micro - Screen)

Types of termination:
open on both sides of the flat gaskets of nitrile or PTFE
unilaterally open with threaded tip

Maximum operating temperature:
90 º with Nitrile seals
230 ° C with PTFE seals
450 º C with a threaded tip
Maximum differential pressure: 14 bar

Typical applications include:

process steam for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical
gases in the electronics industry, energy,
consumption and disposal or recovery of catalysts
chemical, galvanic baths
greases, waxes, hydraulic fluids
Stopping gels (Super Micro - Screen)
edible oils, syrups

Nominal Bags

3M offers a CUNO ™ bag filters made ​​of non-woven polypropylene and polyester as well as single-ply nylon filters, all in a wide range of gradation (precision filtration).

Not all of bag filters are created in the same way? Designed and manufactured by 3M filters
bag has the following important features:

Predictable particle removal efficiency
Thanks to the specifications of the filter medium controlled and
advanced manufacturing processes.

Control of the fibers migrate from the filtration layer. With thermal treatment of the outer surface of the web
filtration and the use of the most modern procedures in order to properly seal the connections nonwoven filter and connect it to the collar.

Suitable liquid seal prevents bocznikowaniu
By using a specially designed flange-like seal (for nonwoven filtration)
correct positioning of the filter is achieved in a housing of the filter bag, so that the danger is eliminated contaminants entering retained on the filter and the filtered liquid to the filtrate.

Features and benefits:
-Homogeneous pore structure
-Layer filter composed of fibers bound together to create a grid
-Resistance contact with the principles of operation and high temperature
-Grits available in larger (> 200 microns)
-Allows the desired particles to be passed through a filter (for example, in the case of filtration of metallic paints)
-Effective removal efficiency of oversized impurities
High strength fiber reduce the risk of breakage and contamination of the filter layer of the filtrate
-The right solution for filter cleaning solution at an elevated temperature
-Cost effective solution for applications requiring only coarse filtration

Material: polypropylene, poliproplen / polyester, polyester
Fineness: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 microns

Material: Nylon monofilament
Fineness: 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 400, 600, 800, 1200 microns


Filter cartridges ZetaCarbon

Flush filter cartridges in the form of bellows members or plates belonging to the type of Zeta Plus filters.
Catching impurities takes place by adsorption on activated carbon and additionally an electrokinetic adsorption by the positively charged filter media.
Activated carbon particles are not released from the filter matrix.
Design: cellulose fibers bearing powdered activated carbon bonded positively charged resins.
The material used for the production conforms with the FDA for the application in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry.

Available diameters contributions bellow: 8,12, and 16 "
Maximum operating temperature: 80 ° C
Maximum differential pressure: 2 bar
Recommended fluid flow: 1.5 - 3 L/min/m2
Sterilization: 121 º C - 30 min

Typical applications include:

-discoloration during the production of vitamins, antibiotics, enzymes, intravenous fluids
-removal of endotoxins
-discoloration during plasma fractionation, purification of vaccines and forms of active
-removal of pesticides from plant extracts
-discoloration of solvents, detergents removal
-removing unwanted odors in the production of cosmetics, perfumes discoloration
-removal of trace amounts of organic compounds with gelatin, pectins, edible oils, fruit juices or
-purifying spirits

More information:

Krzysztof Brzozowski - Trader
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