aluminium tape 3Maluminium tapealu tapes


Resistant to moisture and chemicals-help in sealing and protecting sensitive components and devices.
Conductive heat-Maximize the efficiency of heating or cooling due to the high coefficient of thermal conductivity.
Reflecting light and heat-radiation help protect components against plastic deformation under the influence of heat transferred by radiation. The tape improves the efficiency of light sources thanks to the reflective properties.
Non-combustible-protect equipment against fire.
Resistant to atmospheric factors-do not let ultraviolet rays and are characterized by high durability.

Strips of lead foil

-Conductive useful for protecting the sharp edges of the metal parts from excessive build up the coated layer in the process of electroplating.
Resistant to acid-etching used, rolling, milling and plating of metals.
Plastic-susceptible to the formation of the strip can be successfully treated with pressurizing devices final treatment.
The high-density-perfect balancing masses (of manufacturing a).
X-rays-absorbing protect against X-rays. They are used in X-ray flaw detection.


We can provide customised widiths and lengths.

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