polyester tape


Thin support layer - In many applications, for example butt joining elements, the thickness of the tape is a decisive factor. The polyester support layer of the tape can achieve a minimum thickness of even 0.025 mm, while maintaining high strength.

Tensile strength - often when a thin layer is required and its high extensibility, polyester tape is the most suitable. With a tensile strength of 350 N / 100mm (with a layer thickness of 0.025 mm) up to 2100 N / 100 mm (with a layer thickness of 0.125 mm), the polyester film is among the most durable ones available.

Durability - characteristics of the aging process of the acrylic adhesive layer provides the long-lasting adhesion necessary for both fixing and decorating. When it is necessary to preserve the long-term transparency of the tape, it is recommended to use a polyester, transparent carrier layer in combination with an acrylic adhesive layer.

Thermal resistance - In applications involving temperature effects (up to 175 ° C, for 1 hour), the polyester tape is the most suitable.

KONPORT is dealer and converter of 3M adhesive tapes. We can provide customised solutions: different widiths, lenghts and shapes.

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